6 Steps to Industrial Style 

July 13, 2017

6 Steps to Industrial Style 

Industrial design is esteemed for its clear-cut style, interesting textures and clean minimalism. If you want to create your own lofty space, follow these guidelines for a successful makeover. 

1. - Keep it minimal -

Try not to overcrowd the space with furniture. Think about controlling clutter with this fun method: picture your space as a neglected warehouse, only the heaviest, most essential furnishings have been left behind. Of course, the time will come to add finishing touches, but first establish a simple, clean foundation. 

 industrial style 6 steps to implement industrial design to your home

2. - Keep colors muted and sparse -

Color livens up our lives, and brings character, so don’t forego it altogether. But remember, industrial spaces thrive with monochromatic color schemes. Consider introducing just one color, in the form of a few varying shades. Or, keep it neutral with just one bold pop. 

Industrial style design - colors muted

3. - Select industrial materials -

One of the most crucial elements to an industrial look is the finishes within the space. Raw, sturdy, and unembellished materials are ideal. Some examples are: concrete, brick, metal, unfinished wood, and natural stones. Bonus points if these materials are original to the space, or reclaimed from a local demo. 

industrial style brick wall living room

4. - Give furnishings a second life -

Reclaimed pieces mingle perfectly in an industrial setting. In fact, the rustier the better! Pieces with a past-life will double as interesting stories, and functional additions to your new space. 

industrial style reclaimed furnishing 

5. - Lighting makes or breaks -

There is no sense in designing and detailing a beautiful new space if the lighting casts annoying shadows or is too dim to allow you to appreciate your hard work! Remember the three lighting layers: task, ambient and decorative. Task lighting lets you see those receipts clearly while paying bills, ambient provides general illumination, and decorative fills in where you’d like it to! 

industrial style light fixtures-glass retro pendant

6. - Personalize -

The last step to any style makeover is the small details. Hang your favorite picture, set out some fresh flowers or fruit, and position the ottoman just right. Then you can sit back, and enjoy your industrial space! At Rusty Lamp you can get the latest industrial style light fixture to decorate your home interior. Everything from warehouse style pendants to retro glass pendants.

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